Charlie Blue by Revlon for Women

Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women

Launched in 1973, the Charlie Blue by Revlon perfume is a classic scent made for women. Aromatic and earthy combinations fill the senses with luxury. Users and passers-by will smell a field of floral germanium jasmine and rose. Hints of sandalwood, moss, oakmoss, and musk also fill the air. Wearing this fragrance is akin to having to walk with a beautifully fragrant woman by your side in the ’70s or ’80s. It’s a watershed of fragrance shrouded in delightful mystery.


Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women History

Named after Charles Haskell Revson, an American businessman,and philanthropist, the Charlie brand is a line of fragrances made for men and women under the makeup and perfume house Revlon.

First launched in 1973, the Charlie Blue fragrance originally attracted a tomboy-ish crowd. It presented womanly notes of geranium, jasmine, and rose, but it also has hints of manliness thanks to its notes of musk, oakmoss, and sandalwood.

It was during the Great Depression when brothers Charles and Joseph Revson partnered with Charles Lachman, a chemist, to formulate a nail polish with a specific set of pigments. This product would stray from the traditional dye polish during those days since it dried with a significant amount of opaqueness and offered thorough coverage. It was at this moment when the brand came into existence.


Fragrance Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women

The Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women has scents of floral notes of jasmine and rose. It also has a mixture of several womanly and manly charms that can cater to a broad range of users. This interesting mixture of smells makes for an attracting yet mysterious appeal.


Head Notes

The initial spray of the Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women presents moderate notes of jasmine, rose, and germanium. This combination of smells makes users feel like they’re standing on top of a bed of flowers.


Heart Notes

After a few minutes, this fragrance turns to a slightly more masculine scent. Hints of sandalwood, oakmoss, and musk start to radiate from the applied areas. Despite the introductions of the hints of manliness, this perfume still retains its womanly charms.


Base Notes

At the base of the Charlie Blue by Revlon for Women perfume is a mixture of the different head and heart notes. The combination offers a unique yet interesting performance that leaves users feeling fresh. Individuals may find the base notes to lean more to its masculine scents of cedarwood, oakmoss, and musk. Hints of vanilla and orris may also fill the air surrounding the user.


User Opinions

Users who bought and used the Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women presented mixed reviews about the product. Most of the people talking about this perfume speak positively about it. One reviewer stated that the scent offered is more unisex than feminine despite being primarily marketed for women.  Another reviewer reports that the fragrance is akin to a bad ex-partner trying to convince the relationship for another shot.

Another customer found that the smell of this perfume is clean and beautiful. The same user also indicated that the scent isn’t very strong but will last throughout the day.


The Nose Behind This Perfume

Revlon is one of the popular brands known in the cosmetic industry. Its core products include lines of makeup and specialty skin care products.

It was in the year 1932 during the Great Depression when the company started producing and marketing its wares. Brothers Charles and Joseph Revsonwhen they had an idea to create nail polish pigments that offered uniformity and opaqueness that rivaled competitors.

The siblings went to a chemist named Charles Lachman to formulate the mixture. After creating the product, the Revson brothers replaced the “S” in their name for the brand with the letter “L” for Lachman. It was at that time when the Revlon brand came to be.

Soon after the creation of their cosmetic line, the company decided to hit the fragrance market. The Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women hit store shelves in 1973.



The Charlie Blue by Revlon Perfume for Women offers a mixture of manly and womanly charms even though it’s primarily meant for the female user. It has bright notes of geranium, rose, and jasmine at first spray. The scent transforms into a more masculine fragrance as it brings about notes ofoakmoss, musk, and sandalwood. Even though the strength of this scent is average at best, the fragrance will last the entire day.