Ysatis By Givenchy for Women

Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT fragrance can be described with so many things, among which include the characteristics of being magical and floral. As such, it is ideal for a smart, distinct and emotional fragrance. It also comes in an elegant bottle which perfectly matches the stylish fragrance that purely represents luxury. As a bonus? You can get an extra amount of nostalgia, especially if you have been wearing this scent, or have smelled someone with this scent a couple of decades back.


Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT History

This unquestionably sensational fragrance from Givencywas created by Dominique Ropion and was introduced to the fragrance industry in 1984. This scent was created as a decadent fragrance for women – a tantalizing fragrance that combines perfectly aromatic flora, citrus,and earthy tones, creating a spellbinding adventure to the olfactory senses.

Only a few sprays of this scent will leave those around you in a complete trance while giving you the confidence that you certainly deserve.


Fragrance Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT

This elegant EDT from Givency is a sensual fragrance for women which introduces elegant head notes of orange blossom and aldehydes, with a floral and woody aroma that commands other people’s attention, while earning compliments at the same time. There are also subtle tones of mandarin orange, citruses, and coconut that finish the scent, giving an overall fruity and sweet splash, softening things up.


Head Notes

Opening the elegant bottle of this fragrance will introduce you to some inspiring notes of aldehydes, orange blossom, coconut, citruses, mandarin orange, galbanum, ylang-ylang, bergamot,and Brazilian rosewood. This highly complex scent gives the fruity and citrusy appeal of the scent, giving you a knock on your senses, getting your mind prepared with the next level of the perfume pyramid, the heart notes.


Heart Notes

The middle of this scent, the heart notes of this fragrance is composed of scents of jasmine, rose, iris, rum, tuberose, carnation,and narcissus. These floral appeals to the senses balance the fruity tones of the initial hit, giving a perfect balance to this fragrance. Not only that, but it also prepares for the next level, the deeper layer of the scent, the base notes.


Base Notes

The base notes of the Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT are composed of a mixture of interesting scents, including honey, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, laurels, musk, civet, vanilla, cloves, vetiver, and oakmoss. All of these combined leaves the last impression on your skin, as they dry down into an interesting aroma after the first two layers have already evaporated.


User Opinions

The opinions coming from users of the Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT fragrance are mixed, even though most are positive. Even those who are not really floral scent lovers will find this scent amazing because it is easy to wear. The spices and musk balance the floral tones, giving it an overall exotic appeal. This feminine perfume which lingers for several hours offers no doubt understated elegance and appeal.

It should also be noted that that fragrance can become intense, particularly for those who love fruity and sweet scents. It might be too strong, and not really fresh enough, but it is definitely and absolutely feminine. The scent settles into a very sharp floral scent, which is the major powerhouse stamp of the 80s, making it very interesting.


The Nose Behind this Perfume

The nose behind the Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT fragrance is Dominique Ropion.

He is a famous perfumer who is described as someone who is a true inventor and a daring perfectionist. Dominique started his training back at Roure Bertrand Dupont in Grasse and continued learning in Paris.

Among the fragrances he created included some of the most famous names in the fragrance industry, including And the World is Yours and Messy Sexy Just Rolled Out of Bed by A Lab on Fire, My Queen and My Queen Deluxe Edition by Alexander McQueen.



Overall, the Ysatis by Givency for Women EDT fragrance is both memorable and distinct, making it perfect for evenings, especially when you are out with your special someone. With its mix of fragrances in its perfume pyramid, there is no doubt that this fragrance is something that is elegant, classy and luxurious. It is a common agreement that this scent is feminine, sweet and sexy, with a vintage feel as a bonus.