Calvin Klein CK One Unisex

Calvin Klein CK One Unisex

The Calvin Klein CK One Unisex comes from one of the world’s leading lifestyle brands. Calvin Klein is known by many as an authentic and minimalist creator of fine accessories, clothing, and home design products. This fragrance offers a combination of scents that becomes a timeless classic from regular use. Deliver bursts of citrusy flavors to your body as the heart comes to life with hints of flowers. After a while, you’ll notice a sensual mix of amber and musk.  


Calvin Klein CK One Unisex History

The Calvin Klein CK One Unisex Perfume came to store shelves when this particular fragrance line launched back in 1994. CK One started with Alberto Morillas and Harry Fremont. These perfumers created a significant number of fragrances over the years including Oxymusc: A Lab on Fire, Colonia Intensa: Acqua di Parma, The Library Collection Opus VII: Amouage, Power by 50 Cent, The Adidas Fresh Impact, and Aqua Quorum: Antonio Puig.


Fragrance Calvin Klein CK One Unisex

The CK One Unisex Perfume by Calvin Klein has a naturally clean, modern, and pure fragrance offering refreshing views to the world of fragrances. Spraying this scent on specific areas of the body and clothes deliver light and relaxed smells ideal for those luxurious nights on the town. Since this perfume is an Eau de Toilette, it doesn’t have a powerful smell. Instead, it brings an intimate combination of notes to enhance the closeness of certain relationships in both a literal and figurative sense.


Head Notes

The top notes of the Calvin Klein CK One Perfume bring hints of green, pineapple, mandarin orange, bergamot, papaya, lemon, and cardamom. This fruity combination of fragrances brings a refreshing burst of citrusy flavors to any user.


Heart Notes

At the heart of this perfume, it has notes of violet, jasmine, rose, nutmeg, orris root, and Lily of the Valley. These scents activate after a few minutes of wearing the perfume. This mixture of smells helps clear the mind as you boldly go (and glow) with confidence in different public and private situations.


Base Notes

At the base of this scent is a mix of notes containing oakmoss, musk, sandalwood, amber, and cedar. 


User Opinions

User opinions for the Calvin Klein CK One Unisex Fragrance is a mixed bag. However, most of the reviews pointing to this perfume lean more to the positive end more than the negative. One reviewer states that blasting this perfume to his body offers a large yet still refreshing note of muguet along with a faint smell of lemon. Another user says that this fragrance is freshness defined.

One Amazon user by the name of Brittany Bayes stated that this perfume is subtle enough for the working environment. Users can even put this in their everyday carry bags. However, not all about this scent is on the positive end. Still, most of its negative reviews point to its bottle since it’s fragile. Owners may want to put this product in a hand-carry bag during travels to avoid breaking the bottle.


The Nose Behind this Perfume

Calvin Klein is known for its several products on the market including underwear and signature fragrances. It all began when he graduated from the High School of Industrial Arts in 1960. After he left high school, he started his fashion career at the Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT). It was just a year after he graduated high school that he found a full-time job in fashion.

At that time, Klein took on the role of a copyboy in the WWD art department. After staying with the company for two years, he got a degree in FIT with a Fine Arts degree. Klein proceeded to make his mark in the fashion industry by working with a firm specializing in making “whipped cream” fabric dresses. After three months of dissatisfaction, he quit that job.

It wasn’t until April 1970 when Klein held his first fashion show. It was a modest event that cost approximately USD 10,000 to create. Despite the low-budget capital, the show was a huge success. The event only showcased fifty pieces but it landed the Calvin Klein brand in the Big Names as a Designer to Watch list.



There are three ways to describe the Calvin Klein CK One Unisex: clean, cool, and refreshing. This fragrance inspires confidence in whoever tries to wear it. It also encourages users to connect with others thanks to its subtle yet empowering notes. This subtleness brings you closer to people with universal and easy scents.