Cacharel Amor Amor for Women

Cacharel Amor Amor

The Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume is an ideal fragrance for young women who are always on the lookout for love adventures. Sprays and dabs of this perfume offer floral and fruity nectars with main notes that include mandarin, blood orange, and pink grapefruit. It indulges your amorously adventurous spirit to new heights. Put this perfume on your skin or clothing, and you’ll fill your senses with bursts of fruity orange. The refreshing array of aromas help you take on the day with confidence. 


Cacharel Amor Amor History

Laurent Bruyere and Dominique Ropion are the perfumers responsible for the creation of the Cacharel Amor Amor. These experts in the perfume industry also created several fragrances including the Agua Agatha Ruiz de la Prada, Azzura by Azzaro, CoSTUME NATIONAL for WOmen, L’original by Decleor, And The World is Yours by A Lab on Fire, My Queen by Alexander McQueen, and Wanted Girl by Azzaro.

Cacharel is a fragrance brand hailing from France offering designer scents, accessories, and apparel. It all began with Jean Bousquet, a famous fashion designer. The firm was quick on the rise in the fashion industry after one of its clothing (a pink shirt) appeared on the cover of a 1963 issue of the Elle magazine. Since that time, the company rode the waves of fame. It wasn’t until the year 1978 when the brand launched its first fragrance aimed for women.


Fragrance Cacharel Amor Amor

Put on the Cacharel Amor Amor Fragrance and you’ll feel feelings akin to the intenseness of a first kiss. It delivers a combination of aromas to tempt and seduce. The mingling of sensual vanilla and jasmine notes sparkle with each use. These scents wrap around any user to help catch any prey with sensual desires.


Head Notes

The top notes of the Cacharel Amor Amor deliver hints of orange, cassia, grapefruit, bergamot, and blackcurrant. Out of all these head notes, the orange scents are the most powerful from the bunch. Users may find it a burst of fruity aromas at first glance. However, further smelling of the perfume will lead to orangey notes with flashes of sizzling pepper.  


Heart Notes

Underneath the head notes are heart notes mixed with jasmine, rose, lily, and apricot. The sheer jasmine and lily generate a crystalline freshness that opens up with zingy tanginess. These elements make the perfume more interesting than at first glance.


Base Notes

Concluding this perfume is a mixture of base notes containing amber, vanilla, musk, cedar, and tonka bean.


User Opinions

Several reviewers of the Cacharel Amor Amor like the smells it brings. One Amazon reviewer by the name of Samantha highlighted that this product is her favorite scent. She tells other users that it offers a timeless beauty as the fragrance is the same as when she first used the product over ten years ago. Another reviewer states that it’s her “absolute fav.”

Also, a user thought that the contents of this bottle are very synthetic because of its appearance (particularly its color). Trying a sampler of this fragrance brings a yummy and sexy mixture of aromas in which it generated enough interest to let this particular user add the product to her collection.


The Nose Behind this Perfume

The story of the Cacharel brand began back in the year 1958. It was Jean Bousquet, a qualified tailor, created a collection of ready-to-wear (RTW) clothing. He also created accessories in Nimes, a small studio. This company’s name came from a small duck, which has a local name of “Cacharel.”

After becoming famous from displaying his first collection, this tailor moved to Paris, France. The French Elle magazine featured one of his pink shirts in November 1963. The world realized of Bousquet’s expertise in the fashion industry where he soon garnered enough inspiration to print shirts and dresses capturing the spirit of freedom.

It was sometime at this moment when the Cacharel brand became synonymous to three things: refinement, lightness, and womanhood. The company used several bright colors in their fashion lines. These colors deliver feelings of freshness and romanticism capturing the zest for a positive outlook on life.

As the industry took notice of Cacharel, the company decided to launch a line of signature fragrances for women in 1969.



The Cacharel Amor Amor Perfume for Women is an ideal scent for any user who likes a combination of fruit and flowers. This sensual mixture of aromas contains a dash of vanilla to help complete the addicting nature of this perfume. It’s a perfect way to introduce the amorous nature of growing teen women.