Bvlgari by Bvlgari Acva for Men

Bvlgari Acva for Men EDT

Bvlgari Acva for Men is one of the best perfumes made for men. This one has the best blends of aromatic scents admired by most men. The perfume evokes the beauty and power of the ocean. Bvlgari Acva for Men boasts its great aquatic fragrance that gives an energizing and refreshing feeling. Take a few sprays and be amazed.


Bvlgari Acva for Men EDT History

BVLGARI introduced this perfume in its design house in 2005. BVLGARI is the Italian luxury products manufacturer established in 1884 by Sotirios Voulgaris. The company’s Greek founder went first in Corfu and Naples before he arrived in Rome where he founded BVLGARI.

The brand started with jewelry. Later on, it expanded its products to accessories, watches, handbags, and perfumes. So far, the company has more than 90 perfumes, including BvlgariAcva for Men.


Fragrance Bvlgari Acva for Men EDT

Bvlgari Acva for Men has the perfect blends of different scents loved by men. These hints of scents are noticeable with just two or three sprays of this aromatic perfume.  BvlgariAcva for Men offers the essence of pure masculinity that begins with the top notes, followed by that lovely heart and base notes. These mix of scents is like the nice ocean breeze.


Head Notes

The head notes of this perfume are orange, mandarin, and petit grain. This masculine perfume reveals the mixed scents of citruses and petit grain as soon as you take a few sprays. These dominating notes will stimulate your senses while introducing a refreshed and energized feeling. These scents will slightly fade after an hour or so. From that moment, Posidonia Oceanica will take over and become more prominent.


Heart Notes

The heart notes of Bvlgari Acva for Men include cotton flower, Santolina lavender, and Posidonia Oceanica seaweed. Of all these heart notes, the Posidonia Oceanica seaweed tends to be the most dominant. This heart note will last until it gives way for the base notes to impress you as well.


Base Notes

The base notes are extremely masculine. These notes include woody notes, mineral amber, clary sage, patchouli, and vinegar cedar. The most dominant base notes of BvlgariAcva for Men are the woody notes and mineral amber.


User Opinions

Most reviews written for Bvlgari Acva for Men share a lot of great things about this aquatic perfume. Many of them appreciated this perfume for being something manly, deep, and dark. People also agreed Bvlgari Acva for Men is good for casual use considering its aquatic scent that suits the men of today.

One customer said Bvlgari Acva for Men is the favorite perfume of her husband. Even she finds its smell awesome, nice, and modern. Another customer said he always gets compliments from the ladies whenever he wears this cologne. Bvlgari Acva for Men is truly the best perfume to wear if you want to impress women. Other customers this perfume is undeniably one of those perfumes with real aquatic scents.

In most reviews, people say this perfume last longer. The scents last up to six hours when sprayed on skin. However, these scents will last up to twelve hours or so if sprayed on clothes. This makes the perfume much more pleasing in the eyes of anybody who wears it.


The Nose Behind This Perfume

BVLGARI’s founder, Sotirios Voulgaris, started creating perfumes during the ’90s. He introduced his first perfume under the BVLGARI brand in 1992. He named it Eau Parfumee Au The Vert. Today, the brand has more than 90 perfumes. Voulgaris created the earliest version in 1992 while the latest one is from 2019.

Sotirios Voulgaris created his collection of perfumes in partnership with other experienced perfumers. He worked with Alberto Morillas, Annick Menardo, Jacques Cavallier, Beatrice Piquet, Sophia Grojsman, Carlos Benaim, Olivier Polge, Sophie Labbe, Daniela Andrier, Jean-Claude Ellena, and Nathalie Lorson. These collaborations led to the creation of perfumes that men will proudly wear every day.



Bvlgari Acva for Men is truly one of the best perfumes made for men. Its sophisticated mix of scents is the secret behind its popularity for the last several years. The blend of top, heart, and base notes for this perfume adds more confidence to men who want to be impressive and attractive as they walk down the road. The scents are not too strong and not too soft. They will never overpower you. For these things, Bvlgari Acva for Men is truly an ideal choice of cologne for workaholic men and even those with an active lifestyle.