Beyoncé Heat Rush by Beyoncé for Women

Beyoncé Heat Rush by Beyoncé EDT

Beyoncé Heat Rush is one of today’s famous perfumes for women. It’s the one that shines, sparkles, and will last longer once it touches your skin. With a luminous aromatic sensation, anyone who wears this perfume will instantly feel alive and bubbly. The perfume’s lovely scent never fails to catch everybody’s attention. It lights up the room just like how Beyoncé fascinates everything with her presence.


Beyoncé Heat Rush by Beyoncé EDT History

Beyonce launched her second personalized perfume called Heat Rush. It is the next edition of Heat which she introduced a few years ago. The heat was a big success which inspired Beyonce to create another mix of scents that will appreciate by women of today. Heat Rush arrived at the market un February 2011.

Beyonce created Heat Rush together with Coty Beauty. Honorine Blanc of Firmenich helped Beyonce in creating this enticing perfume. Heat Rush is designed to become the ideal companion for Heat. Heat is best to use in the evening while Heat Rush is excellent for daily meetings and walks.


Fragrance Beyoncé Heat Rush by Beyoncé EDT

The focus doesn’t lie on the sexy notes yet on elegance this time. Beyonce pays more attention to the production of her perfumes as she wants it to be as good as possible. She wants to offer women of every generation a perfume with the best blend of fresh, less-serious, and young scent. With that, Heat Rush came up with the best top, heart, and base notes that you will surely love:


Top Notes

The top notes of Beyoncé Heat Rush by Beyoncé are blood orange, passion fruit, and Brazilian Cherry. These lovely top notes will last for a few hours before they slightly fade to let the heart tones become more prominent and noticeable. All of these top notes are extremely juicy and sweet. There’s nothing that dominates from these top notes. They stay sweet and fruity for hours.


Heart Notes

The heart notes of this perfume are mango blossom, yellow tiger orchid, and orange hibiscus. Mango blossom is a tranquil fruity-floral scent. There is no any musk or teakwood smell. Amber makes the perfume sweeter. The heart notes of Heat Rush start as very fruity and sweet and will turn into a weak fruity-juicy sweet smell. 


Base Notes

The base notes of Heat Rush by Beyonce are honey amber, teakwood, and musk. The base notes make this perfume lovelier.


User Opinions

Due to its excellent blend of scents, Heat Rush got a long list of positive reviews. A lot of customers said Heat Rush is a nice perfume for women available at the best price. According to them, the perfume can last for the whole day and even until the early evening. Women of all ages found this perfume a good one to wear each day.

Heat Rush by Beyonce offers a mix of subtle and mild notes of scents that can please every woman. This fruity and floral scent is always fresh, joyful, young, and captivating. In most reviews, Heat Rush is a highly recommended perfume that every woman with a sophisticated taste should try.

People often notice the perfume’s sweetness. They said it’s just right. The perfume is sweet but not so sweet. Therefore, Heat Rush is not something that can overpower users. Instead, this perfume will let women be at their best throughout the day.


The Nose Behind This Perfume

Beyonce is a famous music artist and now, a perfume maker. She was the person behind the successful Heat, a signature perfume for women. The success and fame of her first ever perfume motivated her to pursue her interest in perfume production. She collaborated with Coty Beauty and Honorine Blanc, a famous perfumer to launch another perfume that women will also appreciate just like Heat. Heat Rush is also a success. It is continuously gaining words of gratitude and appreciation from more and more users.



Heat Rush is truly a good perfume for women. It is less intense than Heat, which made it even more pleasing to the nose. Many users like the way it smells. This perfume is 100% simple – nothing complicated. It is best to use on warm summer days. The scent is totally casual and perfect for any occasion or daytime activity. You will surely love its tropical and passion fruit scents. Also, Heat Rush is long-lasting. It uplifts your mood and touches your senses. The top notes may fade after hours, but the rest of the perfume will linger on your skin and clothes.