Alyssa Ashley Musk for Women

Alyssa Ashley Musk By Alyssa Ashley For Women EDT

Alyssa Ashley Musk By Alyssa Ashley For Women is a gorgeous perfume made for women. Even men will find it good as it comes with a mild masculine scent. This perfume is actually made for both sexes.

The glossy black in the packaging signifies the masculine aspect while the bright white is for feminine. A gold lining combines these two, which also makes these gender symbols easier to recognize. While it is for men and women, Alyssa Ashley Musk By Alyssa Ashley For Women is more popular among women.


Alyssa Ashley Musk By Alyssa Ashley For Women EDT History

Alyssa Ashley launched this unisex perfume in 1968. This perfume comes in a beautiful vintage bottle. The perfume itself smells amazing. It is a soft and smooth musk that is completely free from any unneeded complexities. It goes well with some other scents.

A sexy shot represents the spirit of this perfume. The couple is obviously having fun. Alyssa Ashley Musk is pertaining to intimacy. It pictures it as something dangerous yet fun.


Fragrance Alyssa Ashley Musk By Alyssa Ashley For Women EDT

Alyssa Ashley Musk is a delicate floral white musk mixed with woody scents. When you open the bottle of this perfume and spray it once, you will immediately notice the leafy, woodsy, piquant, and earthy scents, forming a mix of different kinds of perfumes. Alyssa Ashley Musk is definitely a great musk to try. Itshead, heart, and base notes form a lovely and harmonious blend that every woman will truly appreciate.


Head Notes

For top notes, Alyssa Ashley Musk has hints of rose, violet, and jasmine. Therefore, the perfume tends to be nice and flowery as soon as it touches your clothes or skin. These top notes will last long until they fade a little to give the heart notes an opportunity to stand out.


Heart Notes

The heart notes of this unisex perfume are iris, musk, moss, and precious woods. These earthy and woody scents will become more obvious when the top notes are no longer as strong as they were. The heart notes are exactly the representatives of the perfume’s masculine side.


Base Note

The base note of Alyssa Ashley Musk is none other than musk. This enhances and balances the mix of both the masculine and feminine side of the perfume. Despite this, the perfume tends to be more floral, which its users are mostly or even entirely women.


User Opinions

Most reviews talking about the Alyssa Ashley Musk are positive. Many of those people who wrote these reviews are long-time users of the said perfume. Most of them have been using Alyssa Ashley Musk for almost forty years, considering that Alyssa Ashley launched this perfume in the 1960s. This unisex perfume smells good.

The overall scent fits the likings of most women. Older women are very happy that the perfume is still available and remains as great as it was for the past decades. Even the younger women of today find this white musk very interesting. Truly, musk is not always for men. Even women can wear musk while staying feminine. 

Despite having a masculine side, women still highly appreciate this musk. The blend of woody and floral scents are really good. It is not too strong and not too soft as well. This blend of fragrances is not overwhelming, according to users.


The Nose Behind This Perfume

The brand Alyssa Ashley was born in 1968 and originated in the United States. It is a rebellious brand which became an inspiration and the ode to Alyssa, the founding modern artist, and the founder’s youngest daughter.

The founder often called her Ashley, which gave him the idea to combine Alyssa and Ashley and made it the brand of his own line of perfumes. The brand’s very first perfume is Musk. The unnamed founder put his artistic marking on the perfume’s packaging. Currently, Alyssa Ashley is under the management of Perris Group.



Alyssa Ashley remains as one of the best musk perfumes you can buy in the market. It is among the very few fragrances made for men and women. However, the floral notes of this perfume are more powerful than the earthy and woody scents. That is why a lot of people consider this perfume more suitable for women.

Alyssa Ashley Musk is floral, clean, and fresh musk. The perfume itself is very versatile. It smells great. This perfume is available in different concentrations like EdP, EdT, and Parfum.