Adidas Moves for Women

ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas for Women EDT

Adidas Moves for Women is one of the best perfumes made for athletic women of today. This perfume offers a blend of 100% feminine scents designed to last longer on your skin and clothes. Adidas Moves for Women is a highly recommended perfume for women who are always on the go.


ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas for Women EDT History

Adidas Moves for Women is a great feminine perfume created by Adidas. The company launched this feminine version of Adidas Moves in 2000 to offer sporty women a great-smelling cologne that will keep them feeling refreshed for hours.  Adidas Moves for Women has a blend of aromatic notes that every woman may appreciate.


Fragrance ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas for Women EDT

You should stay fresh and cool while you play. For that, you should try this Adidas Moves for Women. It is the energetic floral perfume designed for every active woman out there. With this perfume, you’ll stay feeling refreshed and comfortable even when you sweat. Its most aromatic notes are cyclamen, ginger ale, cedarwood, geranium, and sheer woods.


Head Notes

The head notes of ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas are fresh green apple, grapefruit, black peppercorn, peppermint, ozone, peppermint, cyclamen, tomato leaf accord, and tagete. These scents blend well with one another. Thus, every spray of ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas smells great. Spray the perfume twice or thrice and enjoy these top notes for several hours.


Heart Notes

The heart notes of ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas include cedarwood, juniper, lavender, mandarin, rose, geranium, and waterfall freesia. These heart notes tend to be more prominent when the top notes of this perfume lose their strength. The heart notes of ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas will last for hours just like the top notes.


Base Notes

Some woody scents are also noticeable in ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas. These smells pertain to the base notes of this perfume. These base notes are green notes, musk, and sheer woods. The base notes of ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas are not too strong but they stay noticeable. They even become more prominent when the top and heart tones start to fade.


User Opinions

Many of the customer reviews written for ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas are good. Customers say this perfume is versatile and incredibly long-lasting. The scent is strong, but that makes this perfume last longer. Many of the users say ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas does not overwhelm them despite its strength.

More and more customers are recommending ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas based on the reviews. Many of them have been using this perfume for many years and will continue as long as it stays available. However, some customers say this perfume has a kind of a subtle masculine scent. That is probably because of the base notes. It is not a big deal for most customers considering that the perfume is for athletic women.

In fact, many of them love it for smelling energetic and lively.


The Nose Behind This Perfume

ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas is one of the perfumes for women that belong to the Adidas brand. Adidas is athletic apparel and shoe established by Adolph “Adi” Dassler in 1948. The company’s name actually came from the combination of Adi and Dassler. However, people often recognize the meaning of ADIDAS as “All Day I Dream About Sport.”

ADIDAS collaborated with Coty to create a new line of perfumes for men and women. This collaboration happened in 1985. They attained success within the male market due to their body care products and perfumes marketed under the company’s official brand. All these products are currently available in over 82 countries. The perfumes for both men and women commonly feature a sporty bottle and name design.

Adidas comes with more than 60 perfumes. The first fragrance offered by this company entered the market in 1990 while the latest one is from 2019. Adidas fragrances are products of the partnership between different perfumers. They are Alain Astori, Ursula Wandel, Jean-Pierre Mary, Nathalie Lorson, Martine Pallix, Jean-Pierre Bethouart, Philippe Bousseton, Jacques Huclier, BenoistLapouza, Sabine De Tscharner, Quest International, Harry Fremont, Maurice Roucel, Philippe Roques, CarineBoin, HernanFigoli, and Olivier Pescheux.



ADIDAS MOVES by Adidas is undeniably a good choice of perfume if you’re an active or sporty woman. It has a mix of scents that match your personality and interest. Those mix of scents is strong but not overwhelming. Just a few sprays will be enough to keep yourself feeling fresh, lively, and energetic.